About Us

Founded in 1991, Neda Manpower Recruitment Agency became dynamic and professional recruitment firm which is registered with Ministry of Overseas in Indian A‑airs in India (Lic No.: B0789/MUM/PER/1000+/5/3085/91). We root into Management Consultancy that enables us to bring a unique approach to our recruitment services coz of that we are recognized as a trusted recruitment agency by the clients based overseas. In past 25 years we have shaped the careers of more than 1 lakh professional who are talented in their respective fields. In our journey we partnered with many companies to help their business to grow over the seas by providing talented professionals in categories such as Engineers Doctors IT Professionals Mechanics and many more. All the services provided to our clients varies depending on size of the project and we require all the legal documents to proceed. By looking at our huge list of clienteles across the MENA region and our services, our clients titled us the Best Manpower Recruitment Agency in the region.

Our Vision is creating and achieve globally trusted brand for recruitment by companies as well as employees, to create a win-win situation where employees as well as companies win together.

We at NEDA are committed to create an environment which is best suited for growing at an exponential rate where employees as well as the company both are happy.

As by achieving the title of the “Best Manpower Recruiter” we are committed to be the first of any organization for recruitment which can be achieved by striving for 110% client satisfaction.

However, achieving 110% client satisfaction is not an easy job, to do this our expertise come into where we recruit for the most difficult roles in a very short period of time.

We at NEDA believe that the most critical assets to the company is there employees. NEDA is rigorously working round the clock scrutinizing the best and most efficient employees across India for the organization in various sectors. The companies we have helped they further helped us to strive to attain their growth. The Sincerity and dedication of all its staff has been the FORCE to bar out its competitors in this field. We Identify and understand the needs and demands of their clients which are fulfilled most efficiently.